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Your First Step Towards a Healthier You

Welcome to the CREATION Health® Lifestyle Assessment Test. Your participation in this test will help you pursue whole-person health and to Live Life to the Fullest. You are successful the moment you start!

Progress Reports

The goal is to show you where you are today (your baseline) to see the areas where you need improvement. As you return to take the test periodically, you will be able to track your progress over time. This will help you stay on track by knowing the positive and negative changes in your lifestyle.

You are encouraged to return and take the test every 6 months for many years to come. The measurements will help us compare your longevity and health with the general population.

Your experience and feedback will help us fine-tune the system and find out what is most important to you so that we can improve the seminars and create new tools to help you improve even more.

Live life to the fullest by looking great, feeling younger, preventing or reversing disease, decreasing the need for medical intervention, living a longer vibrant life, finding inner peace, enjoying an active life, knowing God’s love, strengthening your cherished relationships, taking on a positive outlook, and savoring food with the Creator’s meal plan.

Thank you in advance for participating in the CREATION Health® Study. TAKE THE ASSESSMENT>>

Health Tracking Tools

Lifestyle Assessment Test The results of the first test will show where you are today (your baseline) as you embark on your CREATION Health® lifestyle transformation. The report will include a graph that shows you where you need improvement in each module of the CREATION Health® program. In subsequent tests you can compare the results to the last time you took the test.